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About Michael Menor

Professional Recommendations:

"Michael was very detail oriented Manager with project management and people development. He always put people first yet held them accountable for results and was always there to support and aid in everyone's development. Michael’s training and supportive delegation skills to accomplish designated tasks were exceptional as we're his organizational skills. His knowledge of operational techniques and experience made him an exceptional leader of people and a valuable asset for the company. I was fortunate during my time with Millennium Digital Tech to have worked with him. Mike started out as Tech Center Engineer and was promoted to Training Supervisor then Manager of Sales Engineering. Michael has my highest recommendation." Written November 30, 2012 by Eric C., Vice President, Millennium Digital Technologies

“Michael is one of the Best employees I have ever worked with. He is a hard worker. He is knowledgeable of almost everything Tech. He always goes above and beyond his duties. He puts heart into his work and I look up to him for that.” Written November 27, 2012 by William S., Lead IT Travel Tech, Millennium Digital Technologies

“Michael has always done a excellent job in his role in network security. Our mutual customers were always in great hands with Michael, and they have always been impressed with his superior customer service.” Written November 21, 2012 by Ragan A., Manager, Hospitality Control Solutions

“Michael Menor’s nickname is “Robot” because he literally does not stop. Relentless drive. He’s the epitome of dedication, once having to be begged by management to go home and rest when he had PNEUMONIA, and then having to be reprimanded for proceeding to work from home. If you ever need intelligent IT services on a 24/7 basis, Menor is the man.” Written August 25, 2012 by Diana C., Freelance Writer and Copy Editor

“Michael Network Security skills are top notch. Efficient, Knowledgeable, and Effective. Get's it done right the first time! Pleasure to work with and excellent Customer Service skills. Highly Recommend!” Written November 6, 2012 by Will M., Major Accounts, Manager of Technical Support and Installations, Project Manager, Hospitality Control Solutions

“Michael is a very fast learner and extremely reliable. I enjoyed working with Michael and he was always someone I could go to with help and assistance. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a hard worker and someone that is easy to work with.” Written February 23, 2011 by Jason B., Helpdesk Agent, World IT Solutions